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Avoid using domestic car trucking companies for international car shipping. Many truckers will offer their customers a “package deal” that includes car transport and overseas car shipping as well. Frequently they would offer “savings” and “discount” through their preferred car shippers. You should avoid using such companies by all means - international car shipping is complex, and often customers, after paying the trucker for “the whole package”, end up paying extra fees to the actual car shipping company.

All personal items must be removed from the vehicle before shipping.

In this day and age where convenience for consumers are provided because of the power of online marketplace, comparing as many car hauler quotes comes easy. All you need to do is search the internet for car haulers, check if they offer free quotes online or through phone, then make the inquiry you require. List down these car hauler quotes and the name of the company and then make the selection.

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Make sure the service knows what your car looks like, its dimensions, and possible problems that may be encountered when delivering.

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They are also aware that people who have their car transported feel the risk of leaving the responsibility of shipping their car from one place to another. That is why they make sure to provide security in the form of insurance and monitoring devices. These are important aspects that they provide their consumers because they have a proper understanding of the sentiments of their clients. You can now view the exact coordinates of your car while in transport though an online tracking device. This is very helpful especially for people who want to make sure that their car is safe.

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You will have a pick up window, which means a time surrounding the time of your pick up date. Some shippers have a two week window that within that time they can pick up your car. Cheaper carriers may not have a pick up date and sometimes you may not see your vehicle until several weeks later. The cheap car transport company should have a license and carry insurance. You should make them show proof of this to you. If you go with a cheap transport company that does not have license or insurance then you are not protected against any theft or damage.

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So what are the different ways you can go about car shipping? The first option is an open trailer. This type of auto transport is uncovered and is the most popular option due to the price. This is the inexpensive way to go about car transport, so if you want to save money, this is the choice for you. Keep in mind that your car will be open to the elements with this type of auto transport.

car shipping joes colorado

If you have a choice of a door-to-door pick up/delivery option - take it. The old terminal-to-terminal feature only makes your vehicle that much more likely to be stolen or damaged. Dont work with auto movers who will make constant stops at warehouses or cant bring your vehicle to your door.