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Generally the car transport companies provide two methods of auto transporting such as open and enclosed auto transporting. Open auto transporting method is where the vehicles are transported in open air and this method is the common method preferred by the dealers as well. The problem existing in open transport is it is subjected to risk due to environmental factors and the road conditions. The other type of transporting is enclosed auto transport, and in this method the car is transported in a close carrier and only two to four cars can be accommodate a truck at a time. This is a costliest method, but it ensures you more safety and it protects your car from environmental hazards and also prevents your car from scratches and damages.

Before committing to shipping your car internationally with the car transporter of your choice, make sure to get the shipping quote in writing. Read the fine print - many car shippers will hide extra charges behind it. Make sure the quote includes the following: origin (shipper‘s door or port), destination (consignee‘s door, port or unloading warehouse). Also, typical car shipping quote must clearly outline services tendered - door pick up, delivery to a certain place (point of export, be it transporter‘s warehouse, port or dock), marine shipping insurance, shrink-wrapping (boats), crating (motorcycles), loading, fumigation, container drayage, all necessary paperwork, customs clearance, export declaration, bill of lading, etc.

The average transit times within 48 contiguous states is 2-7 days.

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It is advisable that in addition to receiving a condition report document from your car mover detailing any pre-existing damage to your car, that you take photographs of the car, date the photos, and attach them to the condition report provided by the car mover for your records. You must have a detailed description of the condition of your car prior to shipping. The condition report or other document used by the car mover should include: current mileage, pre-existing damage of any type including: glass, scratches, paint, dents, and so on. This report is important in case any disputes arise.

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If you have wide mirrors, fold them back.

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Before you make any commitments, checking the background of the company, researching a little and generally exerting a little more effort will go a long way. No one was ever really hurt with this kind of process and you are also the one who will reap the benefits of having done enough research. Sometimes, people should stop, look and listen before making a purchase. Proper caution should be done especially if you want to be certain about the company you are going to work with.

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It is essential to research about the companies you approach. There are several companies that provide these facilities but approaching the genuine one is important. Do not forget that you trust the company with your property hence research well. Ask your family or friends to suggest good company or ask them to refer you. Choosing the right company is vital.

car shipping hazleton pennsylvania

You will need to know when and how you pay the car transport company. Each company will have their own payment terms. Some companies will not require that you pay in advance while others want a deposit down or the full payment upfront. If you do have to put a deposit down the rest of the price will be due when your vehicle is delivered. You will need to ask about the pick up date and delivery date from the car transport company.