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If you are contemplating on driving your car to your lengthy destination, it would be wiser on your part to not do it. The wear and tear will basically take its toll on your vehicle, so spare the damage and call a reliable car shipping company and let them take care of your car for you.

Thoroughly check your vehicle and make sure that all loose parts are properly locked or removed. Transporting a car, whether it is across the ocean or across the country takes time and quite a lot of movement. By locking up and taking off loose parts such as spoilers, fog lights, mirrors (fold them back), antennas you are helping secure a safer car moving process. Besides locking every loose part make sure you close the windows very well.

As consumers, we always enjoy finding great deals when we make our purchase. This can be described as getting more for the actual payment that you make on whatever needs you might have. One of the best examples that define a great deal would be looking at car shipping rates. This is because instead of spending on every little thing when you need your car to be moved, you can actually save by hiring a car shipping company. They offer a packaged rate and you don‘t even have to think about the entire process especially if you are shipping your car internationally which may involve a lot of paperwork.

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Auto shipping companies must also possess cargo and liability insurance. The law requires them to provide a copy of their coverage to you. Verify the information provided with their insurance company to be safe. If they are properly insured, they will have to cover any damage that happens during the shipping process. Ask what the limit of the coverage is, if there is a deductible, if only parts or the entire car are covered, etc. Call your own car insurance company, too, because it is likely that it ensures your vehicle during the process.

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Transporting a car should not really be a problem if you know your options. Make sure you have studied the advantages and disadvantages of each option before deciding on one.

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Please dont fill the gas tank of the car. The optimum amount of gas in the tank for shipping is 1/8 to 1/4 of fuel. Again this has to do with the overall weight of your vehicle.

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How long will it take for my vehicle to arrive? There are many variables to consider when calculating travel times because weather and traffic patterns can affect times. Transport times from coast to coast are on average 7-10 days and from north to south 5-7 days. We will be able to give you an approximate delivery time frame at the time your pick-up is scheduled.

auto transport tonkawa oklahoma

Before undertaking the car in their custody, they will check your car completely and finalize the paperwork. To ship your car they provide with two kinds of trailers open trailer and enclosed trailer. They will ask you to choose one for which the charge will be different. Choose the enclosed car shipping trailer. It will be better to choose that as your car will be safe from dusts, damages and scratches and other harmful factors.