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We have become an extremely mobile generation. Getting from one place to another can be simply done and it is quicker now more than ever. This is also the reason behind why there has been an increasing demand when it comes to car transportation. People have an increasing need for this because of the many reasons that they have in relocation. It could be due to a change in career, extended family vacations, business trips and more. More people are also keen in bringing their automobiles with them to their destination instead of purchasing a new one which is more costly. It is no surprise that alongside top searches for travelling, car moving is also one of the most searched categories online.

Once you submit your order either online (very secure) or over the phone with one of our Direct Express Auto Transport representatives, the shipping of your vehicle will be scheduled according to the first date available on your shipping order. Ninety percent of our orders get assigned within one week of that date. Once assigned, the vehicle usually gets picked up within a day or two (sometimes same day) of the assignment. We automatically email the customer when it gets assigned and then our driver calls your pickup contact. When the driver picks up your vehicle for car transport, he will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle on the Bill of Lading. You will both sign this form and you should receive a copy. The driver should call again your destination contact from the road as he gets near to schedule an approximate time for delivery. The same Bill of Lading will be present on delivery so you can both re-inspect the car. The transporter will take every precaution to deliver you vehicle without incident; however, if damage should occur, you must report this damage upon delivery on the Bill of Lading and never-the-less pay the carrier the balance owed. It is important that you and the transport driver sign this document. Claims cannot be processed by our insurance company if damage is not noted at time of delivery. We also recommend digital photos of before and after. But damages are rare events and normally your vehicle arrives dirty but in the same condition it left.

It is essential to research about the companies you approach. There are several companies that provide these facilities but approaching the genuine one is important. Do not forget that you trust the company with your property hence research well. Ask your family or friends to suggest good company or ask them to refer you. Choosing the right company is vital.

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Most often people choose open trailers for auto shipping. When receiving a quote the default is usually for open shipping. The truck trailer can haul up to 12 vehicles and your vehicle will be subjected to weather. Enclosed transport can cost 25-100% more than open shipping and is usually reserved for premium vehicles, convertibles, and vintage cars. Enclosed shipping has the benefit of protecting your vehicle and your vehicle is usually shipped with only two other vehicles. Either method your vehicle will be in secured until delivery.

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If items like hood ornaments, decals, hubcaps are found loose, it is best to either remove or secure them.

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Do not pack your vehicle with personal items and household goods. For two reasons: 1.) Insurance will not cover your vehicle for any damages. 2.) The U.S. DOT can issue the driver a summons for being overweight as well as transporting household goods when they do not have a proper license to do so. In some cases a USDOT officer can go through your personal belongings looking for contraband and chemical products e.g. car wax, cleaning products etc. if they suspect something is could be wrong. This could result in missing items deemed illegal for transport, and/or having your vehicle impounded at a USDOT station for you to pick up the vehicle in person. This could even be in a completely different state.

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Most car shipping companies include shipping insurance in the total cost but some might not. However if you want to protect your car from damages it is advisable to take shipping insurance. Know the insurance details and all the accidents it covers. Ensure that shipping insurance coverage is provided for your car and if not, know the details like whether it needs extra payment and so on.

car shipping pleasanton nebraska

Times have changed an excellent deal, and so has the procedure of shipping a vehicle or any automobile to other places. Not till lately, it was not simple and secure to transport your vehicle to an additional state or country. Furthermore, higher costs charged by international vehicle shipping businesses made it extremely tough for the people to ship their vehicle. Nevertheless, these previous issues, but these days, the international vehicle shipping businesses have turned out to be experts and versatile in providing vehicle shipping solutions not just at inexpensive prices, but additionally they provide you with the assurance of maintaining your car secure and sound.