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Make sure while your car is being transported there are no leaking fluids such as brake fluids; because this can cause damage to other vehicle, you don‘t want to add liability to your shipping price.

Hire a mechanic to check your cars condition. The mechanic should check your brakes, fluids, and many other important parts in your car. This step is very useful to make sure that your car is in a good condition. If there are some problems, such as flat tires, fluid leaks, or damaged parts, you should have your mechanic repair these parts before shipping your car.

First and foremost, you need to understand that pick-up and delivery terms are simply estimates, and not guaranteed dates. There are many so many unforeseen problems that can arise when your vehicle is in transit with an auto transport company, including: traffic jams, unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical breakdowns. These situations can all contribute greatly to delays. However, its is worth mentioning that, the major cause of delays rests upon the car shipping customers themselves. Often times customers fail to arrive at pre-determined pick-up or drop-off locations on time, try to make last minutes changes to the arranged routes or delivery terms and so on. Please remember that a lot depends on your punctuality and reliability. The better you fulfill your part of the deal, the sooner you will get your car.

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Analyze the Services of Various Auto Transporters - It is important to analyze the services of various auto transport companies. On doing so, you will get a better idea of the services provided by each of those companies. While analyzing the services of various auto transporters, it is important to take into consideration both the service quality and the cost. Because some auto transport services may sound cheaper but may lack service quality.

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Do a thorough interior cleaning before allowing the car to be transported. Making sure your car is free from personal belongings will help to prevent any misunderstandings once it reaches its destination. Do not leave any valuables of any kind in the trunk or under the seats if any of these items come up missing, there will be little to no compensation for them. Its safest just to remove them in the first place and ship them separately if necessary.

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Dont need to delay your travel plans. Save yourself the time of driving long distance and use it for something else. Montway will transport your car while you are relaxing or preparing your winter getaway home.

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Clean your motorcycle of all heavy dirt and make sure there are no soil deposits on the wheels or tires

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Another thing that you would need to tell the company about your car in order for them to give you the appropriate quotation would be the model and the make of the vehicle. This means that they need to know if the car is a classic model or simply a regular one. This is because there are special services that are provided for cars that are considered as fragile.