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Make sure the battery is charged, and top off all of the fluids on the vehicle and let the driver know if there are any leaks. All the tires should be inflated to their recommended pressures, to insure safe loading and unloading. Remove all extra fittings like stereo equipment and speakers, radios, cellular telephones, scanners, radar detectors, CB radios, etc. Please remember that you will not be compensated for loss / damage to these belongings and the driver will not assume responsibility for their safety. Auto transport truck drivers often carry cell phones with them. Get the drivers number - either from them or the company - before you ship your car. This way youll always be in contact with your vehicle.

Every transport company is similar, but they are not all exactly the same. You have to do thorough research on every one you locate before deciding to hire them so you can be sure they are reliable, legitimate and that they will offer you the best service for the right price.

Most often people choose open trailers for auto shipping. When receiving a quote the default is usually for open shipping. The truck trailer can haul up to 12 vehicles and your vehicle will be subjected to weather. Enclosed transport can cost 25-100% more than open shipping and is usually reserved for premium vehicles, convertibles, and vintage cars. Enclosed shipping has the benefit of protecting your vehicle and your vehicle is usually shipped with only two other vehicles. Either method your vehicle will be in secured until delivery.

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Before looking for auto shipping quotes, decide on your preferred shipping method. You can either go with the container option, which is more expensive but safer. This is because your car will be locked in a secure container. The other option is to have your car transported on the deck of the ship, which is the cheaper way to go, but it has more potential for problems.

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For your needs in car transportation, call on a reliable car shipping company that can provide you with the right services needed for your corporate relocation. As the company if they offer the right services in terms of your need and make sure that their rates are just within your budget and within the norms of the industry as well.

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The actual battery must be charged and the auto tires ought to possess proper inflation just before the automobile is moved. The actual liquids on the actual automobile ought to be checked out and do let the car shipping and delivery folks know in the event that there are any kind of leaking. If your automobile has oil leakage particularly brake or transmission liquid seapage, make sure that your car is not really on the top part of a two deck carrier. Thus a person can easily stop the actual leakages from falling on the automobile under. You are the one which is most knowledgeable with your vehicle. So you need to let the car transportation organization folks know of any operational difficulties or methods required to commence, stop or push the vehicle on and of the truck.

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What if your car is damaged during transport? Will you have to pay for it, or does the auto moving company cover the damages? Well, if you dont have the right auto insurance coverage, you may have to come out of pocket to pay for repairs. Make sure that you ask for a copy of your auto insurance coverage papers at auto pick up.

car shipping west jordan utah

Dont feel shy to ask your car transporting company for customer testimonials. Call a couple of those and ask them about their experience with the company. See if you can find any information on them with the Better Business Bureau. Reliable car transporters will likely offer to you the testimonials they have received from customers. If they do not, simply walk away.