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After you sign your contract, your car transport company will ALWAYS refer you to the contract for any complaints you may have, including the cost to cancel your shipment.

Before handing over your car to them, please do a thorough inspection. Check and note any damages, scratches, dents, chips, breaks and any other abnormalities have it documented and if possible take a picture of it. Get all the stuffs inside your car to avoid loss and inside damage. After all these, leave your spare keys to the in charge and pay for the deposit or the whole amount - it is your choice. You can either pay for it through your credit card, checks or cash. Always remember to ask for receipts.

Snowbirds season means increased traffic on all major snowbirds routes, which makes driving dangerous.

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When accepting the delivery of your vehicle, it is important to do a careful inspection to identify any damage that may have occurred to the vehicle. Be sure to inspect the roof and under the front and rear bumpers -- areas that are frequently overlooked. Compare the condition of the vehicle and the mileage of the vehicle with the “Original Inspection Report” that you received upon pick-up.

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However, choosing for the company to hire is not the only consideration but also in choosing for the most suitable auto carrier. These shipping companies invest on auto carriers to enable the transportation process. And choosing for the most suitable auto carrier will also be an important consideration.

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Auto shipping is one service that is indeed helpful in todaies modern living. The convenience of this particular service is what makes it truly popular and functional, that is why; more and more people are tapping the resources of auto shipping company to transport all types of vehicles in a safe and timely manner. But in order for a customer to avail of the positive aspects of auto transportation is to simply choose for the most reliable auto shipping company. In terms of providing the best service to ensure of your investment‘s (car) sake, never compromise on your choice of auto shipping company.

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Shipping cars and other types of motor vehicles such as motorcycles has been a well-established industry and is continuously thriving until today. If you want to make use of this kind of service, you will see that there are actually a lot options that you can choose from. Your preference may vary according to your need and of course the budget that you have in mind for this type of service. Although, vehicle transport can be quite costly, it is an option that is much preferred by many when it comes to relocating. This is because it is still a far cheaper option compared to buying a new car in a new location. In addition to this, hiring an expert in car relocation will significantly lower your stress level when it comes to coordinating everything in moving to a new destination.

auto transport vicco kentucky

Once the vehicle arrives, inspect it carefully once again for any further damage. If there is, ensure to table the car condition report so that the auto shipper company can repair these damages. Without this form, it will be impossible to get compensation of these added damages.