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Are you wondering whether you should sell or ship your car? You can save on gas costs, the hassle of and time involved in driving long distances.

While being transported the cars should not have leaking fluids like brake fluids, as this will fall on the cars below if it is being shipped in a two deck open trailer.

Before you decide to take your vehicle out on a long jaunt, check around at various vehicle shipping companies first. Guaranteed, youll be able to find a better deal that works well within your budget and will save you both time as well as unnecessary wear and tear to your car.

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U.S. Department of Transportation - Most people dont realize that they can check with this department but this is the part of the government that keeps track of transport companies. You want to make sure that a particular company is bonded and licensed before you allow them to take possession of your vehicle.

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READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Do not rely on any verbal promises from your car transport company. After you sign your contract, your car transport company will ALWAYS refer you to the contract for any complaints you may have, including cost to cancel your shipment. The main thing to look for is a clause that says there is no guaranteed pickup or delivery date. Even though most cars are delivered by car transport companies within the expected timeframe, most will not guarantee a delivery date.

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Products like after-market video systems, GPS devices, as well as detachable stereos should all be removed from your vehicle prior to shipping. Since the inspection process is limited to the outside of the vehicle, insurance does not cover items inside the vehicle. While the chances of theft or damage are extremely small, we highly recommend you remove any aftermarket or custom valuables prior to shipping for your own protection.

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When it comes to transporting your vehicle, you have two choices. You can choose that have your car shipped in an open trailers, which leaves your car partially or fully exposed to the environment and other outside elements. Or you could choose to have your car shipped in an enclosed trailer, which will protect your car more, however it can cost up to 50% more.

car shipping hartland maine

Insurance is probably the most important step in the car shipping process, because if the company that you were dealing with is not properly insured then youre in for a bumpy ride. Always double check the details of any quotes to make sure that youll be properly insured. Also consider taking a picture of your vehicle before it is shipped, so that you have something to compare the delivered vehicle against.