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It is important to verify the good standing and valid licensing of any car moving company or auto shipping service. We urge you to contact your local Better Business Bureau as well as to verify that the shippers license is valid and active with the appropriate transportation agency (such as the state or federal Department Of Transportation). Mover MAX does its best to make sure that we list only quality service providers. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of service of any car moving or auto company. It is important that you take the time to check references and get all services agreed to by the company in writing.

While most auto transport is hassle free, unfortunately accidents do occasionally happen. If you believe that damage occurred during the shipping of your automobile work through the system properly to ensure that that your claim will be processed promptly. The initial "Bill of Lading" pick-up inspection report will be compared to the delivery "Bill of Lading" inspection report to verify the condition of your automobile before and after transit. Both signatures must be present on the "Bill of Lading" and that of your transport driver represent the acknowledgement of the actual condition. At the time of delivery make sure you have any other supporting materials, such as pictures to help your claim.

Your auto transport professional will inspect the vehicle for damages including scratches prior to accepting and loading your vehicle on the transport truck. A clean vehicle will ensure an accurate and true condition of the vehicle prior to loading; thus, eliminating disputes.

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If your vehicle is not operable, an inoperable fee of $150 will be added to the transport cost.

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There are many reasons why people travel or relocate. When it comes to this point one of the primary companies that you will have to deal with are car shipping services. These are businesses that make sure that they are able to provide their clients with the right kind of service for their needs. Bringing your car along when you travel on such occasions is probably one of the most practical things people can do today. This is because it is much more cost-efficient to simply have the car shipped rather than buying a new one. That is why car transport services are now thriving because people find ways to be wise about their spending now more than ever.

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Vehicle inspections are extremely important both before you drop your car off, and then again when you pick your car up. You can never do too good a job when it comes to inspecting your vehicle. Document every single preexisting condition before you drop of car off and take pictures off the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Later on when you pick your car up, perform the same type of inspection and see if you notice any new damages that you are not responsible for. The more diligent you are, the less susceptible you will be for covering costs that are not your fault.

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When you require their services, you should always consider that the quotation that is given to you is based on the urgency and the budget that you have allotted for this particular service. This is something that is really important especially if you are in a rush and you need to have the auto transport company to ship your car from one place to another. When you are scouting for the different companies it is important that choose an organization that believes in honesty and one that has a strong thrust when it comes to satisfying their customers.

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When the vehicle is received, make sure to do a thorough inspection with the driver and notate if any differences of the vehicles condition on the Bill of Lading inspection report. Please make sure to be thorough and if the vehicle is received in the evening and light is limited please bring a flashlight. Anything not notated on the Bill of Lading showing any differences between the loading and unloading between the origin and destination can not be claimed against insurance.